Neymar fined $3.3 million


Brazilian sensation and Paris Saint-Germain forward Neymar has been fined  $3.3 million by Brazilian authorities for not following local environmental guidelines in the construction of his mansion in the city of Mangaratiba which is around the outskirt of Rio de Janeiro.

The 31-year old according to Mangaratiba city hall had been issued four fines after being accused of illegally building an artificial lake in his mansion.

According to Mangaratiba city hall, many environmental violations had been committed in the process of construction of the artificial lake at Neymar's Mansion. One of such violation is the illegal capture and diversion of river water without authorisation.

Other violations include earth movement and suppression of vegetation without authorisation. The illegal construction cost Neymar about  $25,000 dollars according to Mangaratiba city hall.

The case will be handed over to police for possible prosecution. however Neymar can appeal the decision.

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