Match-Fixing Shadows Indian Football League as FA Raises Alarming Concerns


In a disconcerting revelation, India's football federation disclosed on Thursday that several players from I-League clubs have been approached to manipulate matches during the ongoing season. The alarming revelation raises concerns about the sanctity of the country's second-tier competition, which features 13 clubs.

"We have received information of multiple approaches to our players," All India Football Federation (AIFF) president Kalyan Chaubey said in a statement.

"We will thoroughly examine the incidents, investigate, and take all necessary action."

While the federation refrained from naming specific players or clubs involved in the match-fixing approaches, the gravity of the situation looms large over the integrity of the I-League. The undisclosed scale of the issue underscores the challenges faced by India's football landscape in combating corruption within the sport.

AIFF spokesperson Chaubey affirmed the federation's commitment to fortify its systems in response to such threats. He emphasized the importance of educating players and officials on recognizing and reporting corrupt practices. This proactive approach aims to create a robust framework to safeguard the authenticity of competitions within the Indian football ecosystem.

The AIFF's anti-corruption unit, established a decade ago, becomes a crucial player in addressing these threats. The unit's integrity officer, Javed Siraj, remained inaccessible for comments. However, a senior AIFF official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, acknowledged the severity of the situation, labeling it a "concern."

A few players reported similar approaches and results of a couple of matches raised our doubts," the official said.

"A clearer picture would emerge only after the investigation ends."

This isn't the first instance of match-fixing casting a shadow over Indian football. A decade ago, the AIFF took decisive action after a Malaysian betting syndicate attempted to manipulate I-League matches by approaching Indian players. The recurrence of such threats underscores the persistent challenge faced by football authorities in safeguarding the sport's integrity.

As the investigation unfolds and preventative measures are reinforced, the football community in India finds itself at a pivotal juncture. Collaborative efforts from governing bodies, clubs, and players are imperative to preserve the essence of fair play and maintain the trust of fans in Indian football.

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